Control window display, showing controls for setting controlling time, total time, sum up time, message windows, Q&A pop up microphones and the optional pop up Stop signs. Pressing the tab above the timer windows reveals the timer preset buttons and the final time window.

The TALK ALLOT® speaker timer PC program is a countdown clock and communicator to a presenter through a confidence monitor. It is a better way to keep presentations on schedule and it is the industry choice for keeping presentations on time. Used by TV stations, audiovisual companies, universities, houses of worship, and more.

Download the free trial version and try it for yourself. You can use it for a 24 hour period before deciding to make your purchase. The cost is only $150 now $50 for use on one PC computer. That is less than 10% the cost of the average speaker timer.

Download the program now and you can use the coupon code “AUDIOVISUAL” (ALL CAPS) to get it now for just $50!

  • 4 Customizable timer presets
  • Instant message window to discretely communicate
  • Custom “Time Up” message window
  • Q&A alert button- start question and answer session
  • Timer window colors show green to talk, yellow for sum up and red stop talking
  • Ability to add or shave remaining time live
  • Stop signs appear when time is up

A Clear Message to STOP talking!

A large countdown display that changes color from Green for PRESENTATION, Yellow for SUM UP and Red to Stop. Stop signs appear at the end of the countdown clock when the presenter’s allotted time is up.

Extended screens

The extended screen displays the “Presenter’s view.” The display can also be projected to another screen via your computer’s WIFI.

The Talk Allot speaker timer is viewed by the presenter on your computer’s extended screen. You can send messages discretely to them with a special message window.


You have the option of using a resizable window that you can use for presentations using a layered video switcher. You can place the resizable countdown window anywhere on the presenter’s screen you wish

The tab on the left panel reveals 4 changeable presets for countdown times ready for quick changes. The red window tells you what time the countdown ends. You can add, or shave time during the countdown without interrupting.

The Talk Allot Speaker Timer is a desktop application for use only on PC computers, and not on Mac computers or cellphones.

Download the Talk Allot Speaker Timer and give it a try.

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